Friday, February 10, 2017

Slaughter Creek Trail

Slaughter Creek Trail is the very last trail in Austin that Toby and I have not hiked yet. I've had this one on my to do list for awhile, so today we finally bit the bullet and headed to the trail.

Even though I enjoyed the hike, this trail offered nothing for my visual senses. If I had never ventured there I wouldn't have missed much.

The trail was pretty desolate except for a few bikers and runners. I found it interesting that every single one of them made eye contact and acknowledged us. Depending on where your from this may or may not be an unusual thing, but in my experiences here in Austin the usual custom on every other hiking trail we've been on, no eye contact is made nor a spoken word or even a simple head nod in passing.  By my own accession, I believe this is because there are so many transplants from all over the U.S. in Austin. You always know when you've encountered a true southerner because they speak. So, if nothing else I can say Slaughter Creek Trail gets my vote for the friendliest trail in Austin.

Toby got me a selfie stick for Christmas, and this was the first time we got to use it...

Even though we've been doing some hiking in our local area, it was nice to get out and explore some new trails.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Jabber

The month of January usually keeps me inside hibernating, unless the the temps are at least above 50 degrees.

A couple of weeks ago me and Skye got an urge to enjoy the great outdoors, so we headed to nearby McKinney Falls. We were having such a good time trying to find ways to cross the upper falls that I didn't get many pictures. We ended up having to take our shoes off and cross through the water to get to the other side of the falls....

We had a fun mom/daughter day together.

A few days ago Toby and I took a hike on Town Lake.....


Today Skye asked me to take her up to the park so she could practice her basketball. I took the opportunity to take a little hike and take pictures.

I had me a little sit right here and just enjoyed the day and scenery....

I love foggy cold days and these old Post Oaks give the perfect setting for the weather...

After I got back from my little hike, I shot some hoops with Skye. It's times like these that only reinforce the idea that I'm not athletically inclined in the least.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye 2016

I rate 2016 as a good year, with the end of year being the best part of it.

Christmas was quite and relaxing, which I don't think any of the three of us had any complaints about.

I spent most of the last week of the year in a sneezing, eye itching frenzy compliments of an over excessive amount of cedar pollen.

As we usually do every year, we sat outside on the pool deck and watched the firework show as we rang in the new year.

Now that Toby is back at Atomic and has a longer drive to work, we decided to treat ourselves to a new car. With Skye driving in the not too off future, we needed to add an extra vehicle anyway......I think she thinks it's hers the way she bosses us about the way to drive it.

She likes to drive it too. She's a good, careful driver. Do I look a little nervous??...

These are our New Year's Day family photos. I think I'm shrinking with age....

I missed having Lucas and Emily this year, but I understand it's a long drive. Maybe next time we will be the one's making the trip to Alabama.

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Grand Old Time

We had a short visit from my brother and his family this weekend. They have relocated to the U.S. and had some time to visit before they staked their claim in D.C.

The weather was windy and FREEZING so we had to get a little creative with finding things to occupy us indoors in an outdoorsy city.

We went downtown and visited the Capitol and it's Visitor Center and The Driskill.

On the walk back to the car, we stopped in Starbucks for a warm drink.

It was freezing again today, and we had planned on lunch and a little walk at Walnut Creek, but after my brother and his wife experienced the "Purple" that was the end of that.

The will be leaving out early tomorrow morning. They aren't even gone and I miss them already, but I am happy about the fact they will be in the U.S. now.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

San Antone Bound

Okay, I have a thing for Christmas. I love the season. I love the coziness of the way my tree looks all lit up. And I love Christmas light displays. So, I decided I wanted to take an overnight trip to San Antonio to see the lights at the Riverwalk. I know, I probably could have seen lights in Austin just the same, but we had a free hotel night that was itching to get used and Skye had plans to meet up with some friends who live there.

We were lucky enough our hotel was conveniently located, so we were able to walk everywhere we needed to go. Always a plus for me, even if it was more than a tad cold.

Market Square was right across the street from our hotel. Shopping, restaurants, drinks, entertainment, a bakery....anything you needed right across the street.....

After walking around and checking out a few shops in the square, we decided to head a few blocks down the the Tower of Americas.

I took pics along the way....

Every time we've ever been to San Antonio, Toby has wanted to go in the tower, but scaredy cat Skye would never agree to go to the top, and she was too young to leave behind.

The view was nice from the top, and we all enjoyed the lookout....

After the tower tour, we walked back to the Riverwalk in search of dinner.

Skye said she was in the mood for a big burrito, and a big burrito is what she got!!!

Texas sized burrito
After we ate, it was dark enough to view the lights on the Riverwalk. It was freezing. Good thing all the walking had generated some body heat....


After we got done at the Riverwalk, Toby and I headed across the street for a couple of adult beverages.We brought back Skye a sweet treat from the bakery.....

The next day, Skye had planned to meet up with her San Antonio friends at the mall, which was located only a couple of blocks from where we were staying.

She had a good time walking around the mall with her friends being a teenager and Toby and I had a good time being adults.....



The weekend worked out perfectly and made for some good memories. Bo was even on his best behavior.....


Fun times.