Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yep, that's me. The blog slacker. But here I am to give a summary of our family happenings over the past few weeks...or has it been months???

Well, let's see. We had Lucas here with us for a week at the end of July. Mine and Lucas's birthday is one day apart so over the years we have become accustomed to a double celebration...which is mostly just enjoying family company and being together on our special days.

Aside from companionship a few of the things we enjoyed were:

.....a birthday purple margarita from Baby A's for both of us. Yum.

......lunch at Salt Grass and some Go Carting at K1 Speed. at home birthday celebration with Toby's famous Mexican Martinis...ummm...I won't give too many
......details about that particular night so to spare certain family members embarassment...and it's not me.

.......Me and Lucas did some hiking and running together. That was nice.

......a day trip to Inks Lake., lunch at 5 Guys Burgers with a follow up to Amy's Ice Cream, just me and the kids.

Aside from Lucas' visit there really hasn't been any bloggable happenings. Our recent days have consisted of  watching Summer play basketball and hanging out at the homestead which has been fine by all of us.  It's been rather relaxing around here this summer.

Yesterday we did make a trip down to San Marcos to hang out on the river. Me and Summer ended up hanging out on the rocks because the current was extra strong that day.

Cool shells Toby found at the bottom of the river
We will be making our last mini vacation to the beach this week. I am looking forward to the getaway.