Wednesday, January 27, 2016

They're Lesbians, Harold

Last week, Skye and I had mom and daughter day out. We ate FIVE GUYS BURGERS and took in the movie 'Carol' - Skye's selection.

The movie setting is in the 1950's and tells of a young aspiring photographer and her relationship with an older woman going through a divorce

We took our seats and watched the plethora of preview movies to come.

The movie starts out pretty slow, but I see where they are going with it. It's intriguing enough I get drawn into the drama of it.

About half way through we get the lesbian sex scene. I don't do well with sex scenes whether they be heterosexual or otherwise. I feel the need to turn away as if I am invading on someones privacy. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority.

For whatever reason, the theatre was filled with older couples who appeared to be in their 60's and up. I guess the allure of watching a movie set in the '50's is what prompted them venture out on the cold, blustery day and take in a movie.

I have to admit, it was the first lesbian sex scene I've ever seen in my 51 years....unless you count those rare, scary exposures to porn which I consider a whole other level of human sexuality.

During the lesbian sex scene I was half-ass watching, sort of with one eye on and one on the old couples and their reactions to the scene. I'm a people watcher, me and enjoy social experiments and observations.

Except for the erotic sounds coming from the sex scene, which were more sensual and quieter than heterosexual movie scenes are portrayed, you could have heard a pin drop in the theatre. I stifled a laugh. I mean I REALLY had to stifle a laugh especially when the old lady a row ahead leaned over and whispered in her husbands ear,  'They're Lesbians, Harold'.  (Inside Joke)

I have never been so glad to have a sex scene over, but I did enjoy mom and daughter day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Uneventful Hike

A few months back I made a long list of hikes around Austin I wanted to eventually explore. Today, I decided we would start ticking some of them off.

I randomly chose Stephens Nature Preserve in Southwest Austin.

The trails butted up to a local park where we parked and from there we could see a few different entrances to the preserve. That should have been our first clue.

We chose and entrance and entered. We usually hike randomly anyway so it was no real biggie, but almost immediately we noticed there were numerous sub-trails branching off and there didn't really appear to be a main trail at all. It was like spider veins in a trail system.

We hiked blind for a bit before we came across a woman and her dog. I had read there were rock structures within the trails that were created by artistic hikers and I was curious to see them. I asked the dog lady which way to the structures and she pointed me in the direction.

Her directions really weren't much help because of the intricate splintering, so Toby and I just marched on using our best guess on which splinter trail to take.

Most of the trail was very mundane and uninteresting. No creeks or changing terrain. The majority of the trails looked like this......

We hiked around aimlessly for a couple of miles and eventually came upon this rock made heart. I thought maybe we were about to come upon the rock sculptures but alas this was the only one I saw....

We finally made it back to the car by sheer luck. I expressed to Toby I was a little disappointed we didn't find the rock sculptures and he said, 'We can come back again and try and find them'. I said, 'Nope, I've pretty much had all of this trail I want to see again'.

I think this trail has to win The Most Uninteresting Austin Trail award.

This morning on our walk with Bo I took this picture of the old abandoned house. It's a different vantage point than I usually take it....

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Well hello, little blog. I feel like it's been forever since I have visited you. The beginning of the year has been rather uneventful. For awhile now, I feel like my life has been stuck in this continuous loop. I get up every day and do the same exact thing....walk the dog, cook, clean, go to Walmart, crochet in my spare time while watching endless episodes of Criminal Minds and Law and Order.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but for the adventurous spirit within me it does get a little, shall I say BORING and very monotonous. I find I day dream a lot about future events that haven't happened yet and may never exploring Texas and the U.S. a bit more.

The only things noteworthy I have to post about are some random photos and my crochet creations of late....

Begging mode. Dinner time.

Hopefully my next post will be a bit more exciting.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments

We all have embarrassing moments. Well, everyone except Toby who I've never even seen even look uncomfortable or slightly embarrassed, though he should have been a few times since I've known him.

A couple of years ago, I had this flashback embarrassing memory I would like to share.

A few years ago, a neighbor who lives down the street from us asked if I would feed his dog when he goes out of town.

I don't remember what breed of dog it was, but it was a HUGE breed. The dog was also very old and docile. Her name was Honey and she was easy to care for.

This man barely knew me other than simple greetings as I walked by his house every morning on my walk with Bo, so no, I didn't think it was odd (sarcastic) that he gave me a spare key to his family's home so I could come in and feed his dog twice a day. I presume he was either desperate, or instinctively knew I was trustworthy.

As payment, he would always leave a bottle of wine on the table for me.

Anyway, as I was walking Bo by his house on an afternoon just two days after I had spent a weekend feeding Honey, Ralph informed that he had to finally put Honey down.

I was caught off guard and immediately broke down into the ugly cry.  I usually have time to emotionally prepare for bad news. I'm very sensitive and even more so when animals are involved.

I think I caught Ralph a little off guard with my reaction also. He just stood there alongside his two tween boys staring at me blankly and uncomfortably.

I knew they were uncomfortable and I was beyond embarrassed of my loss of control over my emotions in front of a trio of "manly"men, so I quickly gathered myself as best I could, changed the subject and asked the tweens if they were going to be devils for Halloween. It was Halloween eve and they were holding what looked like devil pitchforks so I assumed they were trying their costumes out.

Ralph laughed and replied, "No we are about to go gigging." Okay, it was just time for me say my goodbye's and move on down the street.

Most embarrassing moment award.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Exiting 2015, Cheers!

Upon exiting the year 2015 I reflect back on the year.

It was not one of my favorite years and most likely one of the most challenging I can remember having in awhile. Yet, there was a little joy intertwined in my first world problems also.

One highlight of the year was Lucas's wedding. One regret I do have of our trip to Alabama is I wish it had been easier to navigate my personal activities while I was there. Unfortunately, I was having to work around everyones schedule but my own.

The other highlight was my brother and his wife's visit last summer. I really enjoyed their company and good memories were made.

As the Christmas season rolled around, I couldn't even muster enough spirit to put up a tree or decorate. This would be the first year that EVER happened. I felt a bit sad about it, but I still couldn't bring myself to fake my Christmas cheer. I wear my feeling on my sleeve.

I did manage to get a family pic of us. No tree in the back round like most family Christmas snapshots, but it sufficed for memories sake. I had to bribe Skye with a promise of a milkshake before she agreed to it....

After Christmas Lucas and Emily came for a short visit. I know I must be mentally out of it, because I realized after they left that I didn't take not one picture. Shame on me.

The visit was nice though. Lucas was too pooped to stay up and ring in the New Year with us, so I spent the evening chatting with Emily. She has such a personable and enjoyable personality and I really enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

I'm hoping for a less stressful 2016. Cheers!