Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Park

The goal of the day was to check out a skate park south that I had seen on 365 Things To Do In Austin.

But first, we headed to Roy Guerreor Park. I had seen this park many times as I passed by to go to the feed store. I could see it from the bridge but could never figure out how to get to it. It intrigued me because I could see people loading boats into the water and people hanging out down there below the bridge.

Well, I tried at least. Still couldn't figure out how to get to the river from the park. The trail that leads to the River was closed for construction and I can only assume that it was the only entrance to the River.

We still had a good time exploring the park.

There was something about this tree that made me want to take a picture of it..

Me and Summer found out real quick the turkey vultures don't like you near their food source...

We had to run a small errand in the mall before we headed to the skate park, but in the end we spent so much time at the park and in the mall we didn't have enough time to check out the skate week for sure.

Leaving the mall parking lot I discovered there was a perfect view of downtown Austin. Here is my poor attempt at a skyline shot of downtown.

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