Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enchanted Rock

There is a reason our day trip of the week is appropriately named Enchanted Rock. The place was certainly enchanting and magnificent to boot!!

Luckily I've been keeping myself in shape or I don't think I would have ever made it to the summit. It was a pretty steep incline to the top and it seemed like the more we climbed the farther away the summit

Almost to the summit...

Summer made it to the top way ahead of us and was enjoying the peace and tranquility of it all by the time we caught up with her....

We took a break and had a snack while we took in the scenery and enjoyed the feeling of solitude..

After our break we found a small cave we explored...

A thumbs up place for sure, but I definitely would not visit this rock in the middle of summer or any temps over 65 degrees. I purposely waited to take this day trip on a cooler day (60 degrees) and we still got warm hiking up the rock in the blazing sun.

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  1. Another one of those places I never got to. I know I can make it to the top, but the walk down would kill my knees. Damn! I hate getting old.