Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Horse, Of Course

I'm always trying to think of ways to enrich Summer's "homeschool"  life. After all, I am sparing her the tortures and pleasures of a public school education so I feel it's my duty to fill in her life with as many extracurricular activities as reasonably and financially possible.

The other day I got the bright idea to ask my friend Robin if she wouldn't mind giving Summer a mini horseback riding lesson one day.

You don't suggest things to Robin and not have her take the idea and run with it...and I say that in the most admirable way possible, so last Saturday Summer and I headed over to Robins to take a ride on Opie, Robin's horse. Being the city bred girl I am, I never really spent a whole lot of time with horses...or any other farm animal for that matter.  When I first met Opie I felt  like he's wasn't a horse,  but  a gigantic dog. He is SO SWEET!!  He greets you to say hello, for kisses, and I'm sure most of all for treats.

I think Summer was excited about riding Opie but also a little nervous. After all, Opie is no pony. Just as I knew she would be, Robin was wonderful showing Summer how to control Opie's moves and how to lead him.
Opie waiting to be saddled up.


Opie getting an after ride snack.
Opie "washing" the sweat off his back after the ride.
More farm buddies....

Robin's Fun Farm. :-)

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon and I am so grateful that Robin took time out of her busy life to spend some time with us and share her horse expertise with Summer.  I wish every Saturday could be like this one!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I liked what you said about sparing her the horrors and pleasures of public school. Nicely put. :-)