Friday, July 6, 2012

Sights Along the Way

This Independence Day and we spent the holiday celebrating with our neighbors until after midnight.

The next morning Toby woke up and suggested we take Bo to "Barker Springs" for a swim. I have to admit I was less than a smidgen away from saying no. Quite honestly, after our late night I was feeling a bit lethargic. I finally decided that I had the whole upcoming weekend to be lazy and I also felt like Bo needed a little reprieve from the firework torture he had to tolerate for the past few days.

Turned out I was glad I second guessed myself and agreed to go. We took a short hike down the portion of the trail from Barton Springs that we had not trekked before.

The skies were blue and the trail was mostly shaded from the afternoon sun. As usual the water was refreshingly cold.

Being outdoors always puts my mind in a different perspective and I came home with the sense of peace it gives me.

Here are some sights along the way....


  1. Lovely pictures! So glad you updated. I've been stalking. ;)

  2. The water is gorgeous and clear! Great pics!