Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was family date night. We headed downtown for a little fun.

First, we walked around in the Driskill Hotel. As many times as we've been in it, we never tire of taking the opportunity to explore around. It really is a beautiful hotel.

We even took a family photo...

Next, we walked down and ate at one of our favorite restaurants downtown, Uncle Julios. After we ate, we headed to the Creek Show at Waller Creek.  I think curiosity had me more than anything. Waller Creek runs through the heart of downtown and is known to be one of the many homeless hangouts downtown. It smells of urine, poop, and a pile of vomit can usually be found somewhere along the path. I couldn't imagine a "show" down there.

The Waller Creek Conservancy did a good job of cleaning it up as best they could. I'm not sure how they managed to evacuate all the homeless out of there, but there were none to be found and only a hint of human foul could be detected.

It really wasn't all that much to it, but it was interesting to look at....

This was a tunnel on the creek. It was the first time we had ever walked through it. It was pretty cool...

It was a fun family evening.


  1. It's cool that as long as you have been there you are still finding "firsts" to do