Monday, December 28, 2009

So Far.....

Lucas arrived yesterday for a week long visit. We are always excited to see Luke. He is always a welcomed break in our daily life. Everybody likes having Lucas around, so much that Summer and I usually end up fighting over him. Luckily Lucas is a problem solver and knows how to manage "us girls".

Toby has been at work so he has not even had a chance to spend any time with us yet.

Today it was just Luke, Summer and I so he got to run my Monday errands with us. Our first stop was the post office where I had a package that has been awaiting me through the holidays for a few days.

Have I mentioned before that aside from having the coolest husband and kids I also have a very generous and cool brother?????? With us having a fairly small family in comparison to most folks we know - and most of those few that we do have being estranged, we tend to really appreciate having the few close ones that we do play a part in our lives.

Anyway, my brother sent me a very nice GPS! Little did he know that I am going to find more than one use for his extravagant purchase. For the longest time I have been interested in Geocaching. The GPS will enable me to find my way around Austin and explore the potential hobby of Geocaching. (Don't laugh, yes, after 2 years of living in Austin I still have directional issues.)

So after running our errands and a nice lunch at Ryan's with the kids we headed to the homestead.

Technology is great. As Lucas and I were exploring google maps last night we discovered there was another pond in the greenbelt right behind our house. In the past, we have hiked all around this pond and had never seen it.

We ventured out to find the pond and do a little nature walk. Lucas finally found the pond....

We also did a lot of rock hunting. Lucas is very impressed with fossil rocks and the different rock formations so we spent some time souvenir hunting.

Summer found her some sand to play in.....sand is a rarity here so when she finds it she makes full use of it....

Here is Luke inspecting a bone we found...

Between me dragging Lucas on errands and into the greenbelt and Summer forcing him on the trampoline with her and her friends, I am sure that he will be a very wore out young man by the time he makes it back home.

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  1. Merry Christmas! What a nice gift....having your son for part of the holidays!!