Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Week Goes On....

This visit will make the 4th time Lucas has made a trip to Austin. This is also the first time he said he was interested in visiting the State Capitol. In his words..."I feel ready for the Capitol now." I don't know what kind of mental preparation he needed for the Capitol but that's my son for ya.

Since we were downtown we decided to let him tour the Texas Natural Science Center. It's one of my favorite places to visit and I knew Lucas would find it interesting. He enjoyed it as much as I thought he would.

After we left the Science Center we ventured on to the Capitol. Unless you are a real history/political buff the Capitol is nothing more than an awesome massive building with perfectly manicured grounds. Summer and I still love to visit the Capitol every so often. The Visitors Center on the Capitol's grounds is better than the actual Capitol...IMHO.

After we toured the Museum and the Capitol we grabbed a bite to eat at the Quizno's down from the Capitol. We sat at a table near the window and ate our sandwiches...after all, people watching in downtown is almost as interesting as the attractions.

Yesterday we all voted to go back to Barton Creek Greenbelt. Last time Lucas was here it was summertime and the drought was in full force. The creek beds were bone dry and it was hot as hell.

This time our 5 mile trek was alot more pleasant. The creek was replenished with flowing water and the temps were in the 60's.

Yes, Lucas did actually swing across the creek....after he handed us his cell phone and keys. :-)

New Years Eve Night - we all had a good time playing bowling on the Wii and welcoming the New Year in. I think this is the first year that ALL of us managed to stay up until midnight.

We all slept in late this morning. By the time we got up and ate brunch the day was already half gone. Since Toby had to go to work Lucas, Summer and I decided to explore in the woods a few blocks down from the house.

It was a perfect day for a hike in the woods. The air was chilly but not cold and Mr. Sun was doing it's usual of brightly beaming. The kids and I were truly in our element being out there enjoying nature.

We wanted to get across the creek to explore the other side. The water was too deep for us to walk across so Lucas was trying to make us a didn't work.

After a couple mile hike we were starved. After we got home we took off to Sonic for a nice greasy unhealthy meal to counteract all the exercise we have been getting this past week. :-)

The evening was spent relaxing. Our goal tomorrow is to find the historical grave site that is hidden somewhere in the greenbelt behind the house. That should be an interesting hike...

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