Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Still sucking every bit of summer out that we can, our trip this week was to Blanco State Park.

Blanco is only a little over an hour from Austin but for whatever reason the drive there and back felt like an eternity. It is very rare for me to feel like I'm about to fall asleep at the wheel. Toby was snoozing away in the passenger seat and Summer was drawing in the backseat.

Nevertheless, I LOVE road trips..I think Toby and Summer do to. "Field Trips" as I call them, give us all a chance to enjoy the things we love like nature, swimming, and exploring. As a younger child growing up my brother and I were lucky if we got to go to the grocery store.

Even so, I remember my brother and I having a blast in our backyard as children. You would have thought we had the whole world in our backyard instead of the 1/4 acre space that we occupied. In a sense, I guess we did. As a child everything seems so big. I have always wondered the scientific reason as to why everything seems so big to us when we are kids....

Moving on. At first, Blanco was not impressive to me. Thanks to Hurricane Hermine it was that same algae green thick looking water. I prefer to see what's lurking around in the water I am swimming in.

After touring the park and seeing what it had to offer we started off with a hike down a short trail. Working up a sweat before diving into the water always makes me more appreciative of getting wet.

Here are the pics of the day:

On our hike Toby spotted this moth/bug. He looked like he had only half transformed...

At the end of the day I had ended up having good ole' time diving and swimming around in the water, and I KNOW Summer had fun. LIFE IS GOOD IN TEXAS INDEED. :-)

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