Friday, September 3, 2010


Trying to squeeze as much water play as we can out of the rest of the summer we decided to check out theBlue Hole in Wimberley, Texas.

Upon arrival we saw they were obviously closed the rest of the summer except for weekends. No sweat, no matter what little city you visit in the Austin area you will find something interesting to do. We set out to find the local Tourist Center to get ideas of how to spend our day.

This would be the first time I had ever set foot in Wimberley, Tx. I found it to be very artsy and eclectic. There were tons of cool little shops in the small downtown area. We ventured a couple of them but found ourselves getting side tracked from our goal of swimming for the day, so we moved on. We'll go back for sightseeing in the fall.

Before we left for the Visitor Center we found the quaint little nature trail in the middle of downtown. Can't let a nature trail go by without being investigated...

At the Visitor Center we found out there was another swimming area down the road on the Blanco River. While we were looking for a place to park we came upon a Pioneer Town. We stopped and parked there. It looked really cool but it was closed. We were able to walk through it to get to the river though...

After playing around in the Pioneer Town we headed on down to the Blanco. In my personal opinion I didn't really care for the water. It wasn't clear because of some recent rain in the area and it was really slippery and rocky at the bottom. These factors didn't seem to affect Summer though. I don't know how she swims in the water around here without water shoes. My water shoes are the only reason I can even walk around the rocky rivers.

See this overly anal looking goose???

As I was creeping across the slippery river to get to Toby and Summer who were already out in the middle of the river this arrogant goose started swimming toward me with his neck stretched toward me and his wings fully spread. I started hollering and splashing at him to get away. I was already feeling ungrounded by the slippery bottom of the river and a goose coming at me only had me with visions of being drug under the water. And to think I was always worried about jellyfish....

In all the clamor of me and the goose all I could hear in the backround was Summer laughing and Toby hollering.."Don't run from him, stand your ground!".
Luckily the goose decided to back down and I made it to my amused family.

After splashing around in the shallow part awhile, Summer spotted the rope swing down the river.

Even though they are only half brother and sister, my kids are more alike than they are different. They both have a flare for adventure and physical activity. I can't say where they get it from, but I can tell you it's not from their mother.

Summer had a blast on the rope swing, swinging and jumping off the Cypress numerous times. Toby looked like he was having a pretty good time too. Me...I just watched and took pics under the shade trees. Deep water, rope swings, and me don't mix well together.

It started to get late and everybody's stomach started rumbling...especially mine. As we were packing everything back into the car we heard a very loud noise...and then another even louder noise following it on the road. There were a lot of trees blocking the road so we couldn't really SEE what was going on.

We did know that it was some sort of car wreck. Toby immediately ran out to the road while I grabbed my cell phone out of the car. I was a nervous wreck. I'm not good in serious situations and I only hoped that nobody was hurt...hence the reason for me grabbing my cell.

When Toby got to the single vehicle wreck the woman was totally unscathed. She claimed she had swerved to miss a deer and got caught in the ditch and lost control. After looking at the scene we couldn't tell how her story was accurate...we think that she may have been distracted by her cell phone that she had clutched in her hand when she got out of her car...

Either way, the lady was very lucky. She knocked a telephone pole down and when she took down the fence in her second hit the post went straight through her front end.

Here are some on the scene shots. The wrecked vehicle is the red truck..

When we got home we all chilled out and watched Tuck Everlasting together.

Another well spent day!


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  2. OMG how in the world do ya'll find these places???? I am so jealous! I know the proverbial grass looks greener on the other side, but you keep proving it....And, as far as the goose-bless your heart-that sounds like my luck...The woman in the wreck-if it was because of her phone, shame on her and thank goodness nobody was hurt! Thanks for sharing your adventures again with those of us who are less fortunate to have such beauty & fun around... :0)