Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Hole

I have a swimming pool in my backyard that just turned a year old. So you ask; Why in the world would I be going to search out area swimming holes?? The answer to that question is that I still after almost 4 years of living in the Austin area have not grown bored of this place. There are waaaaaayyyyy too many interesting places left unexplored for me to be stuck home in the confines of my backyard on a free day. My backyard swimming pool is my "cooling station" for lazy weekend afternoons, after yard work, to entertain neighbors or company, or after hot afternoon dog walks.

We headed a little north of Austin to Georgetown to check out their pop up campers (remember, my latest obsession).

As we passed over the San Gabriel River, I was in awe to see the river was bone dry..another area river casualty of the drought.

We were in luck with the Blue Hole though. Although portions of it were dry there was still a section that had a desirable swimming area.

We had been to this hole a couple of years ago but for whatever reason I can't remember we didn't swim it.

Toby and Summer had a blast swimming and splashing around while I took a load of pics. After a while, I became bored with my camera and besides it looked like they were all having so much fun out there splashing around.

The water felt good in the 100 degree temps and we were all having a good time watching the teenagers jump off the cliff. Bo was also having a blast swimming around trying to catch the dragon flies skimming the top of the water.

We have learned that although Bo loves the water he has a habit of loosing track of his ability to stay afloat. He often uses us a perch to catch his breath when he gets tired of swimming.

Which brings me to my next sentence. I had a slight mishap when he decided to try to use me as a floatation device while I was attempting to lure him back to shore. In order not to busy this post with too much information I will post about the "mishap" in a separate post. I think it needs it's own attention for more reasons than one.

For now, here are some pics of our day at the Blue Hole...

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  1. Looks inviting and now I am curious about the mishap!