Friday, June 24, 2011

Mini Vacation to the Coast of Texas

I have noticed the older Summer gets, the less she remembers about living in Mobile. One thing she does seem to always have a clear memory on is the beach. Every summer since we have been living in Texas, she will ask to go to the beach.

As for me, I really don't miss humidity, sticky sand, limp hair, salt water, or the aroma of dead sea life. I do agree the ocean is beautiful and serene though, so we don't pass up a chance to go once or twice a year....for me, if for no other reason than to not forget my roots.

I have to say that I really enjoyed our 3 day getaway even if it did rain a whole day while we were there. I think we were all in need of a getaway. Nobody argued, nobody whined or bitched, and we all just enjoyed being together without any other obligations to get in the way.

The drive to Padre Island is an easy and painless 3 hour drive. Never any traffic issues..matter of fact, I just now realize how desolate that stretch from Luling to the coast is.

We decided to get to the beach via Port Aransus just because I like riding the ferry across the bay to the coastline.

After we checked into our hotel and got settled, we checked out Packery Channel Park

It had a nice bird viewing set up and it was on the bay, but other than that I didn't really see anything "parkish" about the place....

On the day it rained we took in a museum, The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.
I give this museum a big thumbs up. We were there a few hours and still didn't even finish seeing everything it had to offer. Stomachs were beginning to rumble though and I also was more than a bit nervous about our dog creature roaming uncaged in our $100 per night hotel room.

Instead of kenneling Bo, we opted to take him with us. I was more than a little worried about it for more reasons than one...the main one him chewing up the hotel room while we were out and about to the places we couldn't take him. Bo is used to being in his kennel when we are away so I wasn't sure how he may react being kennel free in a strange hotel room.

Lucky for him, he passed the test with flying colors. After 5 hours of being gone we walked in to find him nestled on top of one of the beds only to look up at us and yawn when we walked in. Nothing gnawed. No wet or soiled floors. I guess we have finally mostly established ourselves as the mom and pop alpha dog. Good Dog!!

Here are some highlights of our day at the museum...

Outside the museum there was a pretty cool "water garden"...

The weather finally cleared enough that we were able to spend our last day there on the beach..the whole reason for the drive. The water was clear of seaweed and there were some good waves to ride. Bo was hilarious with the waves. He figured out if he was going to escape the wrath of the waves engulfing him he would have to jump them as they came upon him. I was laughing so hard at him I didn't even think about videoing it...

In an effort to keep up my exercise routine I spent most of my time running/walking the mutt up and down the beach. What was suppose to be an enjoyable routine turned out to be mostly annoying. Bo spent most of his time jolting me up into the air in an effort to catch the seagulls soaring just slightly above our heads. Minus a few brownie points for Bo that particular day.

Here are some highlights of our day at the Bob Hall Pier....

As much as I enjoyed our 3 day getaway, it's always nice to see my sunny yellow welcoming home. :-)

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  1. Wonderful experience to once again share your travels..