Saturday, September 17, 2011

Traveling the Tracks

For the past few days Summer has requested to go walk the railroad tracks. Items that she finds at the edge of the tracks intrigue her...e.g. stray ties, interesting rocks and various pieces of strewed metal from the tracks. Myself? I just love to walk with her and see the fascination she derives in scouring for treasures.

With all the directing, planning, and micromanaging we do for our child's own good I think it's nice to take time out every once and awhile and watch them as they do their own thing...something that fascinates THEM whether we believe it is worthy of recognition or not.

A farm runs alongside a portion of the tracks so Bo and I took off ahead of Sum to check the cows out. Bo has heard the cows moo many times but as far as I know he has never seen any up close. The bull looking into the camera took Bo (or both of us) as a threat and began to charge at us. I don't know who was more "skeerd", me or Bo. I think Bo had met his match...

At the end of our evening walk along the tracks, Summer had walked away with a small collection of metal and I walked away with far more than what I had seeked.


  1. What a beautiful set of pictures and thoughts. I really love moments like that!

  2. I love the first photo, has a real depth, draws you in. Looks like a nice place for treasure hunting.