Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zedler Mill

While in Sam's recently Summer and I came across a book called "Weird Texas: A Guide to Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets." We were so enthralled with reading the stories in the store that I decided it would be worth the $8 and purchased it.

As with most legends that get passed down through the years, you never know which ones are true or false or that have been generously embellished. Even so, it's always fun to read strange stories about places you have been to or can easily travel to.

One of the legends in the book was about a place that I have on my to see list anyway so Zedler Mill, a grist and sawmill that helped establish the small community of Luling, Texas in 1874 is where we headed for the day. The legend behind Zedler Mill is that a specter that is suspected to be a former watchman of the mill is still hanging around making sure noisy intruders stay away.

Thinking back, the place did have an eerie quietness to it even though it sits right against a noisy highway..

We rambled around for a little while peering into the windows of the old mill and checking out the river that ambles along beside it.

We weren't there long before someone got hurt...Toby. He was leaning down to go under a beam, came up too soon and banged his head on the beam. He immediately groaned in pain grabbed his head and fell to the ground.

I have to admit it was a little scary since I really didn't see what had happened and there was a small pool of blood forming. Luckily I knew from experience that head wounds bleed more than others, but that didn't make me feel much better considering I still didn't know how hard he hit or how big the gash was. I certainly didn't need my husband unconscious on me in a haunted mill.

I knew getting fit would come in handy one of these days. I made a mad running dash to the car to grab the first aid kit Summer had just recently made and put in our car. I don't know what had even possessed her to make up the medical kit but I was certainly glad she had got the urge.

While I had ran to the car Summer had ran to the restroom and grabbed him some wet and dry paper towels. I had to hand it to her she was the one coordinating the whole emergency routine. I would have never remembered about the kit she had placed in the car if she had not reminded me about it and I certainly didn't think about going into the restroom and grabbing paper towels. Just in case you haven't guessed it yet, I don't work well in emergencies.

Even as I am sitting here writing this I'm realizing that through all the commotion of the moment I never even commended Summer on a job well done...

Here is Toby after his conk on the head. I joked with him and told him the specter must not have liked him and lowered the beam on him.

Between the heat, the feral cats hanging around that were sending Bo over the edge, and Toby's bleeding head we didn't stay as long as we probably would have. Even so, it's a well worth while place to visit if you ever are in Luling, Texas.


  1. Another wonderful day out.
    I really do enjoy your posts.

  2. Wow. That's almost a ghost story! I'd add a tab for "spooky" on that post! ;-)

  3. I lived in the Zedler house across the street. We had many paranormal episodes happen. Noises, moving objects
    , water faucets turning on. Outside at night noises from the mill area could be heard as if peoe were working.