Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Outings

Autumn (Fall) happens to be my favorite season...even if in the South it's still 95 degrees at the onset of the fall season.

I like the outdoors and enjoy it most in the cooler months so I have tried to schedule a few outdoor activities in the past couple of weeks.

Last Saturday Summer and I attended a Geocaching Workshop at nearby McKinney Falls State Park. Geocaching has intrigued me for the past few years and now that Summer is getting older and doesn't enjoy trampling the trails as much as she used to I figured if she had  an activity to occupy her it would make hiking more alluring.

Last week we also took in a local art museum,  Laguna Gloria. Art is a weird thing to me. What other people consider to be "art"  appears to me to be something that someone that has a little bit too much to smoke or my 11 year old has done.'s all about perception.

Anyway, the museum is in an old historical home so I enjoyed touring the grounds of the home more than I did the actual "art".

We didn't spend much time at the museum so we stopped in the the Mayfield Park Preserve next door.

Any day outdoors is a good day.

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  1. Nature's art is the best. I woke this morning to a misty rain, looked out my window and marveled at the raindrops glistening on the screen. A ray of sun hit them and they sparkled like diamonds.