Thursday, September 27, 2012

South Shore at Lake Bastrop

Today we took a short drive to South Shore at Lake Bastrop. The drive to the Lake was interesting and somewhat sad. If you follow the National news you may remember the devastating wildfire of Bastrop last year that destroyed parts of the Lost Pines Forest and Buescher and Bastrop State Park in addition to many homes and businesses.

For a couple of weeks from our front doorstep we smelled the burning forest, watched as the helicopters flew back and forth over the house carrying large buckets of water,  and watched the massive blanket of smoke in the distance get bigger and darker by the day. Until today, I didn't realize the mass of the destruction the fire caused. A year later, as we drove along I witnessed the acres and acres of burnt pine trees and the people out on their charred lots rebuilding their homes and it became more than just a story in the news.

Anyway, I didn't realize until we got to the Lake that we had been to this place before when we first moved to Austin. I thought it was a place on my list of things to see and do that we had not done yet.  O'well, we still made the best of the day and even checked out a bird observatory area that wasn't there before....or maybe we just didn't notice it.

Watching for birds
This was funny but pitiful. Bo slipped off the pier and fell into the thick grassy edge of the water. The grass was so thick he couldn't paddle well and he began  to panic. I was laughing at him but to be honest was beginning to get a little worried. Lucky daddy was there so save him!  Look at his pitiful face....

The rest of the day we spent exploring around and even played some tether ball. Summer said that was her favorite part of the day...probably because she kept beating me at the

Another beautiful day in Central Texas. :-)

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