Saturday, October 13, 2012

Barton Hill Fall Festival

My favorite month of the year is October. I find the fall to be cozy and full of change and excitement.

Today we headed out to check out the Barton Hills Farm Fall Festival and Corn Maze. Since I have always had a desire to go in a corn maze that was what I was most excited about - believe it or not up until this year the Austin Metro Area had no corn mazes! All the farmland around here and no corn mazes??? In my prior research the closest one was 50 plus miles away..that is until this year!

So I was pretty psyched up when I caught wind of the one we went to today only several miles away.

On the way, I stopped to get a picture of this old historical gas station in Utley, Texas. I have passed by it many times and always wanted to get a pic.

The gas station appears to be on private property and once I drove into the driveway close enough to get a pic Toby pointed out a sign that was on the front of the gas station that said..."Attack Dog on Premises". I didn't see any dog and got out of the car telling him it wouldn't take me but a sec to get a pic.

About the time I got out of the car Summer hollered..."There he is!" I looked up to see a bulldog that looked much like Bo running toward me in the distance. I snapped the pic as quick as I could and got back in the car. Seems these country folk didn't rely on guns for property protection, only their dog!!!

Moving on, once we got to the farm the first thing we did was the maze. It was a pretty large maze and they had a different little game, educational, and scavenger type stuff you could choose to play while you were in there or you could go freestyle..which we did.

It was fun in the maze but I kept having the urge to run through it and at times felt a little trapped or "enclosed"....hence the feeling of wanting to flee I suppose.

Despite my personal issues I thought the maze was excellent and worth every bit of the entrance fee even if that were the only thing you came out of there to do.

A Fort
They also had bobbing for apples, sack races, pumpkins for sale, soccer balls for play, pumpkin painting, and I even saw them handing out blankets for the those who chose to picnic.

Toby and Summer kicking around the soccer ball

Posing with Pumpkins
The boat full of sand....if Summer had been just a couple of years younger she would have had a blast in this boat!

Hands down, Summer's favorite part was the hay swing..

Oh, and looking for the perfect personal pumpkin....

It was a wonderful Saturday morning indeed..


  1. That looks like so much fun. We are thinking about planting corn next year in one of our open fields just to have a maze for Halloween. I liked the hay swing, too.

  2. I really, really, really need to come visit your piece of Gaia, so different from here, loved these photos.
    You guy's sure know how to have a great time ♥