Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gratitude Attitude

In recent years a lot has been said about the benefits of gratitude. I have to admit it's hard to feel gratitude when life isn't going the way you anticipate or wish it to. It's easy to be happy and grateful when life is a bowl of cherries. The real test of gratitude and joy comes when things go awry in your life.

I also believe being grateful (and joyful) come in the form of action more than a public or vocal profession of gratitude. To be truly grateful I believe showing your gratitude most important....walk the talk.

So therefore - I'm grateful for my husband therefore I take care of his physical needs on a timely basis whether it be a home cooked meal, clean socks and underwear in his armoire, an impromptu afternoon romp in the bedroom, or emotional support for personal endeavors.

I'm grateful for my kids therefore I make sure their physical and emotional needs are met to the best of my knowledge. I lend an open ear and an open heart 24 hours a day and extend love even when I feel I'm not at the receiving end.

I'm grateful for my friends and extended family (as few as I have) therefore I want to be there when they need me and plan time to spend with them as much as physically possible.

I'm grateful for my home therefore I keep it clean and tidy, maintain the lawn and landscape, and make repairs when necessary.

I'm grateful for my car therefore I keep it maintained and in good working condition with the occasional vacuuming and wash job.

I'm grateful for my pet so I take him for daily walks, give him hugs and rubs, give him a comfy place to sleep, and include him in family activities when possible.

I'm grateful for my health so I am mindful about what I eat, drink and keep it well oiled with daily exercise.

I'm grateful for the income that flows through our household therefore I spend it wisely and responsibly.

On a personal level, I look for something to be grateful for every day and have made it a practice to incorporate mental gratitude in on my morning runs. I believe my morning routine of exercise and "meditation" are part of what has made me a more joyful person in my older years.

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