Friday, November 29, 2013

All In A Year or So

Recently I downloaded all the pictures I had taken over the past year or so off of my Ipad. I don't usually use my Ipad for taking pictures unless it happens to be what I have in my hand when a picture-worthy moment comes along. Because of this I don't really take much notice to the pictures I take on it until I download them onto my computer...which I don't do often.

I came across more than a  few that I want to make sure never get lost somewhere along the way so I'm posting them to my online life journal.

Oddly enough when I look back on the pictures of my daughter in her trying to look like a boy stage I miss the innocence that propelled her to explore her inner being. As hard as it was for me at the time I now look back on them with fond memories. I'm glad that I opted to to just let her be who she wanted to be....

Growing out of the "boy" stage

Whatever it was it was hilarious


Making fun of FB "duck faces"

Getting a pedicure from sister
Lucas. LOVE him and luckily he loves me for more reasons than I'm worth......

Bo. As much of a pain in the ass he was when we first adopted him he has grown up to be a mighty fine albeit (lazy) companion....

I'd rather be chasing cats

Houston vacation

Houston - Bed Boss

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  1. Love all these! Memories are treasures and we can only appreciate them "later".