Friday, May 23, 2014

Sea of Seaweed

We recently came back from our bi-annual beach mini vacation to Port Aransas, Texas.

For reasons that were out of our control - shop related - I had, months ago,  inadvertently scheduled our mini vacation during the same time our shop artists was having minor surgery and would be unable to work for a few days. I contemplated cancelling our trip a couple of times but in the end decided that we all look so forward to our first beach trip of the season that we would survive financially if the shop were closed for business for two days.

I also was a little reluctant to take the trip because of the unseasonably cooler weather we've had this year. The highs on the coast were projected to be in the upper 70's. Quite honestly, that's a bit chilly for my taste. I made a mental note to take a sweater.

Our home away from home in Port A is the Island Hotel. It's less than a mile from the beach, they have a ping pong and pool table, very pet friendly, and great walkable areas close by....and of course, within our budget.

Our first day there we were a little disappointed that there was SO MUCH seaweed!! It was the most seaweed invasion I have ever seen in my whole life. Typically they keep the beach cleared of seaweed but I think there was so much they really didn't know what to do with it all....

Seaweed was lined up for miles along the beach line.

Toby and Skye decided that wave boarding would not be in the forecast this go around. We made the best of it by walking along the beach and enjoying the atmosphere.......

I decided that since swimming would be out of the question we would take the next day out to visit nearby Rockport, Texas only about 20 miles away. It was recently listed as one of the favorite small towns in Texas by Texas Highways Magazine. I also have been itching to visit it for a while anyway.

I guess I didn't do my research well. The two attractions that I really wanted to see in Rockport were either closed on the day we were there or wouldn't open until later in the day.

Again, we made the best of it and did a little sight seeing while we were there. Rockport is on the Aransas Bay rather than being on the Gulf like Port A is.

This giant crab had a sign on it that said 'No parasailers within 50ft". I'm gathering from the repair going on to him that someone did not head the warning.....

After we got back to the suite, Skye and Toby utilized the pool while I lounged in a pool lounger and caught some rays. Later we played some ping pong and pool in the rec room.

We also did some souvenir shopping and stockpiled on some candy at the Island Candy Store....

The night before our departure Skye and I were sitting out on the balcony enjoying the sunset....

Right across the street is Sharkey's Beach Club. In the past, Toby and I have ventured over there for a drink and a game of pool.

Skye said, 'What is that on the pole over there? It looks like shoes.'. Me and my 50 year old eyes couldn't see very well so I walked over there and yep, it was various shoes tacked to the telephone pole. Toby and I contemplated that it must have been shoes that were lost on the property by drunks or those participating in drunken sex. Instead of notches on a belt I suppose it was shoes on a telephone pole.

Some more random photos.....

Although we had some obstacles this trip, we had a good mini vacation with plenty of good memories.


  1. Is it just me, or does Skye look more like Mom every day?

    1. Nope, not just you brother. She does favor mom more and more the older she gets.

  2. You've also been to the beach recently! Wow! I have never seen so much seaweed. Looks like you had a fun time like us.


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