Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bats on Congress

As Skye grows older it's sometimes a little hard to find family things to do that we ALL would enjoy.

Lately, she has been intrigued by big cities like L.A. and New York so I figured that we could take a little tour of Austin and pretend we are tourists in our own city.

Since we all are all very familiar with what downtown Austin is like during the day I wanted Skye to experience it at night like Toby and I have on occasions on our "date nights". Austin has a different vibe and atmosphere at night and also the different use of  lighting on the tall buildings make the city pop with color at night.

My plan was for us to view the nightly flight of the Mexican Free-tailed Bats from the Congress Avenue Bridge then take an evening stroll down Congress Avenue. The bats are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Austin and although we have been once before a few years ago I figured it would be a fun experience once again.

This time "Batman" was there to show us the where the best viewing spot was.....

We hung out on the bridge for a couple of hours waiting on the bats nightly flight. It's not boring at all. There is a lot of action on the bridge while you wait. Watching the sunset. Watching the charter boats and canoers/kayakers in the Lake. Talking to the tourist waiting next to us. The ones that stood next to us were from Gulfport, Mississippi...

It was dark by the time the bats made their exit so you couldn't really see anything. All you could do was hear them, smell them, and see their silhouettes.

We walked down below the bridge to see if we could see them better......

By the time the bat encounter was over it was late. We decided we would just drive through downtown back home to see the sights.

It was a good night. I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

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