Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Weird Walk

After pouring over local Austin hikes for almost an hour this morning, I came to the realization that after 8 years we have finally exhausted every hike in the local Austin area.  Austin is chock full of hiking so that's miles of hiking we've done over the years!

Our only choice now is to expand out to areas outside of the Austin area. Some of them take a couple of hours to get to and the hikes themselves take a couple or more hours to hike. Even though we have been leaving Skye alone to fend for herself way before it was probably even legal to, I always knew we were close enough to home that we could get to her in a short amount of time if need be.

I'm not an overprotective parent in the least, but I would feel much more comfortable if she had a mode of transportation before I left her home from dawn to dusk while Toby and I were gallivanting around miles from home deep in some distant greenbelt.

So, after my sad realization of exhausted hiking, I searched up local parks so we could at least get in a small trek. I found Capital Memorial Park that was close to the area we needed to run errands.

Turns out Capital Memorial Park wasn't a park at all, but a cemetery.

I figured what the hell, some of my best childhood memories were spent in Pine Crest Cemetery.  Every so often, my mom would take me and my brother to feed the cemetery ducks and walk around while she put new flowers on my grandmother's grave. Well, it was fun up until that day the goose got hold of my brothers crotch and decided it was lunch. I'll forever have the mental visual of my brother running around with a goose locked onto his crotch while my mother chased him trying to free my brother from the goose and I chased my mother making sure I wouldn't get left behind.

We walked around looking at all the tombstones and the dates on them. There were several that had empty liquor and beer bottles left at them. I guess folks drowning in their sorrow and grief.

I'm not sure how interesting my blog will be in the coming months/year(s). We are very slowly moving into another chapter of our lives and quite honestly right now it's really just not all that interesting.

The tattoo shop, the teen, and the dog will keep us tied down, responsible and respectable for a few more years. Hopefully Toby and I will live through it to enjoy our next chapter together.

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