Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye 2016

I rate 2016 as a good year, with the end of year being the best part of it.

Christmas was quite and relaxing, which I don't think any of the three of us had any complaints about.

I spent most of the last week of the year in a sneezing, eye itching frenzy compliments of an over excessive amount of cedar pollen.

As we usually do every year, we sat outside on the pool deck and watched the firework show as we rang in the new year.

Now that Toby is back at Atomic and has a longer drive to work, we decided to treat ourselves to a new car. With Skye driving in the not too off future, we needed to add an extra vehicle anyway......I think she thinks it's hers the way she bosses us about the way to drive it.

She likes to drive it too. She's a good, careful driver. Do I look a little nervous??...

These are our New Year's Day family photos. I think I'm shrinking with age....

I missed having Lucas and Emily this year, but I understand it's a long drive. Maybe next time we will be the one's making the trip to Alabama.

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  1. Skye is all grown up! My granddaughter is driving now, but she is not excited about it. Just to school and to dance classes. I remember being so happy when I finally got my license.