Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking Care of Business and a Museum

Although I had previously carved out the day for a family activity I had business that needed to be taken care of first.

In a nutshell, the girl I sold my Subaru to obviously had not taken care of business and transferred the title into her name...2 months after her purchase.

In my mail today I happened to receive a late parking ticket notice. At first I was confused because I KNEW that I had not parked downtown lately and even if I had I prefer to pay the high dollar garage fees as opposed to trying to search for a parking meter in crowded downtown Austin.

Upon further inspection I realized that the ticket was for "my" Subaru. I immediately called the municipal court to clear my name. I found out from the nice lady that I talked to (yes, I even got to talk to a real person)that I should have filed a vehicle transfer form when I sold my car to release myself from any responsibility past car sale.

So the first half of our morning consisted of locating a notary so I could mail off my affidavit to the court and filing the Vehicle Transfer Form.

Luckily my business was all hassle-free and we proceeded with our day.

Ever since we watched Night at the Museum II the other night I have had the urge to visit a museum. There are still a few that we have not visited in Austin and since Toby has always expressed an interest in the Texas Military Force Museum I decided that would be the one.

Although I am not one of those folks that sport around the magnetic yellow "Support the Troops" sticker on my car and also believe if the ones in Government that are declaring war were having to actually fight it war would be nonexistent and peace would prevail. Nevertheless, I do enjoy a good museum.

The museum was not what I expected. There were a lot of artifacts and diorams....mostly a visual museum. There was also a lot of info on different wars that have been fought since WWI. I didn't realize how many wars there have been. Men sure do like to fight a lot.

Summer really enjoyed the dioramas. She is now on a mission to build her one. I'm sure hers won't be a military theme.

Here are some pics of the museum. It was kinda dark in dreary in there....just like war and hate I guess.

Yeah, it was pretty gruesome and depressing but it was a museum and it did what museums do....inform.

After we left the museum we stopped by Lammes Candy Store as a treat.

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