Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lake Georgetown

I can't quite shake this feeling I have had lately. I feel out of sorts and.....almost depressed. I know that mostly whatever I am feeling has to do with having other obligations that have limited me from doing what I love the most...being outdoors exploring and hiking...and of course the limited free time to myself that I have to do those things.

I'm selfish I know. But hell, I'm 46 years old and the clocks ticking. I have done my time and I'm ready to be out of jail, so to speak.

So I woke up this morning once again in "one of my moods". I decided that like an alcoholic needs a drink, I needed to be out in nature feeling the freedom that being one with "God's" creation gives me. I got out my handy dandy "Hiking in Texas" guide and started searching.

What I came up with wasn't the greatest, but Lake Georgetown temporarily fed my addiction and seemed to satisfy everybody else in my family. Even if it didn't, none of them were brave enough to argue..

I plan on giving myself another dose of the outdoors tomorrow...

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