Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just a little update. In case no one has noticed, I hibernate in the cold months. I don't like being outdoors in the cold so that leaves me doing activites like shopping or hanging out at home...neither of which are bloggable.

Another thing that has added to my blogging absence is I am now without a camera. Being without a camera is like being without a limb for me. I use my camera daily and blogging without pictures takes the fun out of blogging for me.

This makes the third camera that has managed to die on me. I had to use Toby's hand me down camera and it managed to die on me too...making it my fourth. As much as I like camera's I don't think they like least Kodak camera's anyway.

Hopefully Santa will be bringing me a nice new waterproof camera for Christmas.

Until next time...


  1. I'm with ya on blogging without a camera! I was just explaining to Archie about 'brainstorming' before writing, and pictures are how I brainstorm!

    Here's hoping you've been a good girl (well, good enough, anyway!) this year and Santa treats you right!

  2. oh yikes!
    i hope santa brings you what you want!
    and blogging without a camera would have to be hard. i see what jennifer is saying about it being a way to brainstorm. i do the same. :)