Friday, December 24, 2010

Well It's Christmas Eve

I think I'm going to be back on track soon folks!! Got my new camera and even though I had a few glitches unrelated to the camera I think I got it under control enough to begin my blogging journey again....JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.

Okay, let me get my bearings.....

The plan was Lucas would come for the Christmas/New Years holidays. If you remember from previous posts he had his car stolen earlier in the year. My dad was gracious enough to offer him and older model El Camino. Granted it's old but it got him around town and back and forth to Austin a few times.

This time around though I think "ole Cami" decided she was just to old and haggard to make any more 1,000 mile trips. Bless her, I could empathize...

Luckily, Lucas has a mountain bike buddy/friend that was in a very giving mood and offered him his BMW to make the trip to visit his family for Christmas. Never met this guy, but I gotta love him!!!!

I will give more details later. It's Christmas Eve and I have a hubby and daughter waiting on me downstairs and a grown son that is on his way. ♥♥♥

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  1. Hope Christmas turned out to be everything you hoped for, and that 2011 is successful in every way!