Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Bucket List

In just a couple of months my personal numbers will be rolling over to 47 years old. I'm at the least, half-way through life. WOW, when I think about it, if I were to live at least until I am 80 years old that means I would have to continue to live almost as long as I already have. That feels like a LONG DAMN TIME. Something instinctively tells me I probably won't live to 80 anyway...

Most everyone has a bucket list whether they realize it or not. Things that you say.."I'd like to do that." Lately, I have been thinking about the things I would like to do before I leave this Earthly Bucket List.

Here is my list in no specific order of importance.

Backpack/Hike across America

Go to a strip club with my husband

Learn to belly dance...and have the confidence to perform it in front of an audience

Personally meet Oprah Winfrey...I love Oprah

Spend Christmas in a snowy climate

Learn Spanish

Sit in Barnes and Nobles and drink a beverage while I read a book

Take an art class

Travel around the USA in an RV

Swim naked in a tropical ocean on a deserted island with my lover of choice

Take a pilgrimage to South America

Go on a cruise with my whole extended family

Visit a real psychic

Take photography lessons

Take my kids to Disney World TOGETHER

Sew a quilt

Cut my hair really short

This is just my short list. Before it's over I may add or take away from this list. As for this moment, this is my Bucket List.

I bet I have you thinking about your Bucket List now...


  1. If you had moved to Austin in your early 20's, you probably would have done half of what's on that list.....hahaha

  2. Love it.......

    Now I wonder what is on mine?