Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moments To LIFE

Ya know, we haven't done anything that would be considered cool or interesting all week, but I for one, have enjoyed it nonetheless.

Here is a an overview..

TUESDAY: We have started trying to deem Tuesdays our chore/errand/work around the house day. So, we spent Tuesday working in the yard. I didn't mind at all. Although it doesn't sound like much fun, I find pulling out Johnson Grass stalk by stalk rather relaxing...I know, I'm weird.

It was also the first Tuesday of the month which is our monthly 4-H meeting. It was also new officer election night. Summer got nominated for Historian/Reporter. (collects pictures, news, reports on 4-H activities and events)

Unfortunately, she got beat by one vote. I know she was just as disappointed as I was because after the meeting she kept tearing up about random odd things. I guess you could call it emotional displaced

She wasn't alone. I was a bit disappointed too. I knew this was something she would have been good at and enjoyed. As much as she loves the social aspect of 4-H there aren't really a whole lot of other 4-H activities she enjoys. I was sort of rooting hard for her to win the nomination. O'well, we don't always get what we want and there is always next year. She did make delegate though...again. She wasn't really excited about that. Making Council Delegate is sort of like getting a third place my opinion anyway.

I do have to say I was very impressed with her standing up and giving an off the fly speech as to why she would make a good Historian.

After our meeting we had our annual dinner at Ramos. I think it was the best part of the evening for old and young alike.

WEDNESDAY: (Holding head in shame) I had agreed to a playdate for Summer with her friend Jordan. Well, lets just say it was one of those mornings where I just didn't get going as early as I should have.

My solution was to just go grab Jordan and bring her to our house for awhile. One thing I love about having older kids is you don't see them unless they are hungry or need to ask permission for something.

I think they had fun...

THURSDAY: It was time for Bo to get a deep clean so we dropped him off at the dog groomers while we took Summer rock climbing. I had a Groupon that I had bought for Austin Rock Gym a few months ago and I had to use it this week before it expired. I figured it would give Summer a feel for real rock climbing.

I'm just going to go ahead and say right now, if I ever had to rely on my own strength to rock climb up the side of a mountain I would die. It takes a massive amount of upper body strength not to mention your arms and fingers have to be strong enough to hold your own body weight.

Summer seemed to enjoy the climbing and managed to climb pretty high up. I think she would have climbed higher up but the higher she got the more insecure she got. There were no ropes or anything to help with security. I think she enjoyed it enough that it was well worth my $5. Toby made the point that Lucas would have liked it. Yes, he would have and I'm sure if he had been there BOTH of my kids would have been at the top.

When we picked up Bo he smelled nice and fresh. Call me crazy, but although I like my animal clean, I still prefer them to have a slight animal smell to them. After two days Bo still reeks of dog soap.

And, he says...."Why in the hell do I have this sissy blue ribbon wrapped around my neck mama?"

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