Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sporting Tattoos

Most of my readers, if they know me, read my profile page, or read my blog regularly, know that my hubby is a tattoo artist.

He was a tattoo artist when I first met him, still is, and probably always will be. The first thing most people ask me when they find out I am married to a tattooist is "do I have any tattoos?"

Well, the answer might be obvious if you have to ask then I must not have any visible ones if any at all.

But the answer to this question is "yes", I do have two tattoos. I had a small heart with wings I got when I was 17 on my hip at my panty line. While hubby and I were dating he promptly covered it with a dragon silhouetted against a sun. Not long after that I allowed him to tattoo my shoulder blade with a piece of art that looked much better on paper than it did on my skin.

Let me make note here: When I first met my husband he was 24 years old and not nearly as an experienced artist as he is now. Me, his brother, and a few other choice friends were his own personal guinea pigs in his amateur days. The things we did back then for a free tattoo...

So now, I have two tattoos on my body that I wish I could take an eraser to....especially when I see the work he turns out on other folks after several years of experience behind him. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more money to get rid of tattoos than it does to draw them on.

Here is the thing though. I have always loved tattoos. Since I have moved to Austin I have seen some really beautiful artwork plastered on folks. I've been thinking ALOT lately about having hubby tattoo my arm. I have always wanted an arm tattoo but lived in a area where arm tattoos on women are viewed as "trashy" or "unbecoming". Here, young, old, rich, poor, professional or not, sport tattoos without a second glance.

Some people can be funny in their opinions of older folks sporting tattoos. Their concern is always seems to be what the tattoo will look like when they are 80. My first thought is always, who cares what the tattoo will look like when your 80. Old skin is not physically attractive no matter which way you look at or not. I highly doubt a sagging tattoo is going to make a bit of a difference in the way my 80 year old ass looks. I'm still going to be old and nobody's going to be looking real hard at me anyway.

So, now it's just a matter of me making that final skin altering decision....


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  1. It's living in a large city. Tattoos are pretty commonplace on the ladies in Cincy as well. One of the neatest I've seen: I have a friend who has a really cool arm tattoo of a sexy babe in a short red, frilly dress breastfeeding a baby.

    I say go for it. Show off your talented husband's work to the world! :-)