Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back In The Swing

After a brief blogging vacation I think I'm ready to get back into the mode. I had to give myself a long talking to and tweak my attitude a little the past few months. I certainly didn't want anyone that does not know me well enough to love me despite my faults to be a witness to the kind of person I can be when unchecked. Matter of fact, I have decided that from this post forward my blog will be a bit more realistic, possibly at some points it will be TMI. (too much information)

So, first thing on my list to chat about is Summer. Get ready, here is my first bout of blog honesty. I HATE HER SHORT HAIR CUT. It doesn't bother her one bit that she is periodically mistaken as a boy and seems to look almost proud when the mistake is made, while I find myself cringing in pain and embarrassment on the inside every time it happens. I ALSO HATE THE CLOTHES SHE PICKS OUT TO WEAR. She hates girly clothes (lace, characters, pink, fringe, puffy sleeves, etc.) and tends to gravitate toward the boy clothes section every time we shop...which wouldn't bother me quite as much if she at least looked like a girl. In some ways I feel like I have lost my daughter but I'm smart enough to know that I can't change who she is no matter hard I may try.

My little chat with myself about the issue: Be glad she is healthy, smart, and happy. Be glad she loves you and likes being around you. Be glad that she is mostly an easy child and gives very little heartache. See that it is most likely is a phase and this too shall pass if I just go with the flow with it.

We also recently joined the YMCA. We mostly did it for Summer's benefit for the sports but Toby and I are utilizing the lap pool and weight room. Even though I run most every morning and do core workouts I'm hoping to nip my "bat wings" in the bud. As far as the YMCA is concerned, I think we all will benefit.

Recently Toby and I have been able to spend a little more alone time together also. As Summer ages and matures we are able to leave her at home while we run our errands or go grab a bite to eat. She prefers to stay at home the older she gets while we run errands so this is an easy way for us to be TOBY AND LAURA and not MOM AND DAD for a few hours a week.

And last but not least, 'ole Bo is calming down a bit and has finally learned his place in our home. Again, here is some honesty: Bo is a big fat pain in the ass in more ways than I can name but I love him despite. He forces me to work way more than what I want to and I have never owned a dog with such a dominant personality...I guess I have met my match..

So far, 2012 has had a good start. I foresee that our lives and the things we do as a family are changing though. But, things change and so do people...


  1. Summer is just defining herself, she will find herself eventually. I remember when my Jill decided to change her look when she was 15. Jill had beautiful long curly hair. It was quite by accident that she left it in a ponytail one hot day and I saw what she had done ............ She had parted the upper layer out of the way and let one of her friends buzz the back of her head about half-way up. I cried. Probably not a good reaction. When she let the remaing hair down, it covered it, but seeing her bald head in the back was shocking! She grew up and has a teen now. He is driving her nuts!! Puberty, gotta love it!

    Our rescue mutt, Toni Louise, is a willful soul. She refuses to conform to my rules!

  2. You finally learned that we do not train dogs, they train us.

  3. Welcome back momma. Enjoyed your honestly ;~D

  4. Blogger is pissing me off. This is the second go at posting a comment!

    Loved your honestly...welcome back momma!

  5. OH! I see! Your APPROVING comments now...