Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year, A New Beginning

Well, the beginning of 2012 has not been bad so train wrecks at least. Last year started off with the death of my little Brandi and the adoption of a tornado-like dog I like to sometimes call Monster.

All in all 2011 wasn't a horrible year - meaning it could have been worse - but it certainly wasn't my best years.

The record breaking drought and extreme triple digit temps last year also put a damper on my own soul and I'm sure of everyone else affected by it.

Also, for whatever reason, I also felt a little isolated and lonely for most of the I'm not living up to my own standards...

One good thing that came out of the year is that I started a regular running/walking routine. It's the longest I have ever stuck with an exercise routine and it has become a habit that is ingrained in my daily life now.

I know I have been quite lately, but quite honestly it's because I have not had much to say. Most of my thoughts have been very personal. I'm usually a very open person about my thoughts and feelings but somehow I'm feeling very protective of what I think and feel lately...maybe because they are not pretty thoughts and feelings.

Hopefully I will sort out whatever is going on in my mind soon and I will be able to put my life on paper regularly again..

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  1. I like your thoughts, even if they aren't all pretty! Here's hoping for more inspiration and less loneliness. :-)