Friday, February 10, 2012


Recently on Facebook I came across a video that really got under my skin. Apparently a father has issues with his 15 year old daughter and decided to solve the problem via You Tube.

Here is the video if you have not seen it yet...

I can't figure out if this video bugs me more because the majority agrees with the parental tactic or the fact that the guy really really thinks this tactic will work in a postive way. If the latter is true, no wonder his daughter behaves the way she does.

I have to say that what strikes me most is that he's smoking a cigarette, littering and complaining about her cursing when he curses and then the gun?! I also have to say that the fact he did the video and broadcast it as opposed to sitting down and talking to her face to face speaks loads about how screwed up things are in this family. I end up feeling sorry for them all.

Maybe she's spoiled and not dealing well with all the angst of a teenager in an already broken home, (there was the reference to Mom and Step Mom), but this wasn't the answer. This public embarrassment is something she may never be able to understand or get over. He's made this about him, not about how to reach her and make her understand. It's look at me, the IT Dad posting a video where I shoot up a lap top.

Maybe that's where some of her selfish attitude comes from.

To me it's always the hardest part of being a parent is to know that most of not all of what you wish your kids didn't do, you do too, and you'll never make things better for them unless you are trying to fix you too.

In all honesty, whatever issues he has with his daughter began as a seed years ago when she was a toddler. It all just manifested and reared it's ugly head in her teen years. This problem didn't just started years ago and he just didn't notice it until it got big enough to fester.

Poor guy. He's in for a long road ahead...


  1. I was surprised at all of the positive comments he got as well. I found it interesting to watch, but I was unimpressed. My guess is he put a keylogger on his daughter's (his) computer that any moron could figure out how to do (probably did it when he was "generously" upgrading her computer) and then stole her password to hack into HER account. Privacy 101 for teens is give them space, don't hack their computer and violate what little privacy they have (she already has a pain in the butt brother to deal with). What a childish parent he is, and that whole "I was out of the house working, going to HS and college when I was your age" crap is just that, crap. I bet there has never been a child that appreciated their parents saying that.

  2. Oh my, I was so disturbed by this. I can't believe all the positive comments on his youtube posting and his personal facebook. Crazy! I feel sorry for the 15 year old...regardless of what she wrote or said, this was certainly not the way to handle it. All I can think is that if this is the part of himself that he broadcasts to the world to see, I can only imagine what the family is witness to behind closed doors. That really sums up her behavior I think. Besides, he really freaked me out with the gun. I don't even care what kind of point he was trying to get across, that was totally unnecessary. I'll bet his relationship with his daughter will never fully recover from this.

  3. I'm you, when I saw this a few days ago in FB, I was disturbed and saddened by the lack of parenting on his part. He is the root of the problem, not his daughter. She should be moved to a foster home quickly.