Monday, February 13, 2012

So Close, But Yet So Far Away

A little over a decade ago, once I came to the conclusion that the Christian version or any of the other hundreds of different religion's idea of "GOD" was not my belief I began to sit back and try and figure out Who I was, Why I'm here...and my belief of Who/What I thought "GOD" is...or if I even believed there is the widely accepted fictional character sitting high in the clouds dangling the unknown appearance of a "savior" over your head at all. Just writing down those words make it sound all the more ridiculous...

These age old questions will probably always be there lurking in the back of all of our minds - even those that claim they know the way, the truth and the light are scared enough of death that you know that even they must have doubts of what lies beyond this realm - if anything. You don't fear something you understand or are confident about.

In my internal spiritual journey...a search for me, if you will, I have spent many hours reading a wide selection of books and watching documentaries on the subjects of atheism, metaphysics, spirituality, and the origin of religion. Knowledge is power and as it is said.."take what you can use and leave the rest."

Since cutting my ties with religious dogma I am free of those rituals, manipulations, and contradictions that bind you to fear and unrealistic life expectations.

Ironically, without a belief in the religious version of God, I am a much more joyful person and am slowly learning to love myself and others more genuinely with each passing day. I can now FEEL love. I can now FEEL compassion. I can now FEEL. My FEAR is gone.

In the end I figured out that I never had to search for my idea of "God" very far at all. I came to the conclusion that what we all are searching for on the outside and beyond is actually very close to close that it obscures our vision.

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