Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Are What You Eat

Since Summer has become old enough to choose to stay home by herself when we run errands, Toby and I have been taking advantage by trying out new eateries and restaurants while we are out and about. Like most kids, Summer has a limited palate. When Summer is with us her food choices are limited to Chik fi la, Panda Express, or Taco Bell...yuck, yuck, and super yuck!

For the past few months we also have been leaning towards a more whole food/veggie diet. I like the fact that I can cut me up a tomato and half a cucumber and a little seasoning and feel satisfied without that full bloated feeling. I now can feel the difference in the way my body feels after I have eaten an unhealthier meal.

Last week while we were running errands we stopped in to the Vegan Yacht on 6th. The Vegan Yacht is a food trailer. Food trailers are very popular in Austin. When we first moved here I was leery of anything that would come out of a food trailer. In Alabama, food that came out of a trailer would be a risky food source.

It was a beautiful day and I liked the way the food court was set up. There was an simple outdoor eating area encircled by several different food trailer options.

We ordered our meal and sat down to eat it. I have to say that it was very delicious. It didn't look like much food but it was organic, healthy and filling.

We give the Vegan Yacht a thumbs up. Since I had a good experience with my first meal out of a trailer I plan on testing out some more.


  1. Nothing tastes as good as fresh food! I am anxious for spring so I can plant my graden and start eating fresh veggies!

  2. YUM YUM YUM, wish it wasn't so far away from me, I would certainly become a regular!

    We truly are what we eat and drink! The purer the food we eat, the healthier and happier we are :)

  3. I am still chuckling about your Alabama food trailer comment! I know one is not SUPPOSED to do this while visiting Mexico, but when DH and I were in Queretero, the food that came out of the dives and food trucks beat the food in the nicer restaurants hands down. And surprisingly, no one came down with Montezuma's Revenge!

  4. I'm glad you two came by! gemel is right in sayingthe purer the better! our produce is fresh-picked, organic and local from johnson's backyard garden! i ordered the red carrots that week incase you two were wondering why your mock chick'n tacos and garden chalupa were glowing! :)
    take care