Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter 2

If my blog were a book this would be the beginning of Chapter 2. Our lives have changed so much in the past year.

I mourn for the days gone of Chapter 1 but in turn feel very excited and hopeful for our next chapter.

Things have shifted for our little family. Lucas is a full grown man now living in his own recently purchased home building his own life and memories., and Skye is self-absorbed in her own personal life and activities....and we are starting our own family business.

All the legwork to open the shop has been done. Recording the business name, licenses, permits, ID#'s, etc. has been checked off the list.

The past week has been spent on the manual labor of prepping the floor for the wood laminate. Prepping the floor was mine and Skye's job. Skye has excellent work ethic and doesn't balk at helping out when we need her, which I might add I'm pretty proud of and I believe will be a positive aspect in her future endeavors.

Before I move on, here are some photos of the inside of the shop....

For the last week Toby has been camped out in our hot garage painting the shop sign. I've always admired my hubby but these past few weeks I have seen him in a light that makes me very proud that I chose him to live the rest of my days with.

Our shop....

And the man that's making it all happen.....

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  1. So exciting!!! Happy for you all, and look forward to hearing more about Chapter 2!