Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ghost Tree

Whenever I know we have to go downtown for shop supplies I always make sure that we utilize our trip with some sight-seeing. I never bore of the visual experiences downtown Austin has to offer.

I had recently heard about a public art project called "Thirst" that will be displayed on Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) for the next couple of months.

I was immediately intrigued by the project because it appealed to my naturist side. A drought ridden Cedar Elm tree is painted white and displayed to appear to be hovering over the lake.

The tree really wasn't really all that spectacular (I'm sure it is more visually appealing at night when it is illuminated) and I don't think it was meant to be visually appealing as it was to bring awareness about the effects the drought has had upon the state of Texas and the thousands of trees that have been lost due to the drought. I applaud the awareness even though anyone that lives in Texas should already be aware of all the devastation that drought has brought. Read more about the project here.

Toby explaining the meaning of the Pac Man graffiti on the bridge - how do people get up there anyway?.....

Free Meals??? It was painted in several places all over the pedestrian bridge....

On to the Austin Nature and Science Center.....

Not very long ago Skye could stand under this dino rib cage without crouching

Playing in the dino pit is still fun

I always thought Skye got her looks from her father but as she matures she has caught me off guard more than a few times by resembling my mother in her younger days.....

At the lookout at the Nature Center

My best friend
This weekend is ACL (Austin City Limits) Skye seemed more interested in ACL than a walk down the trail. I sometimes forget she is not my little girl anymore that enjoys walking the trails picking up special rocks or pretending she is a Native American hunting for food. ACL next year maybe????

As we were exiting the Nature Center Skye took a couple of pics of ACL setting up. I remember before we moved to Austin Skye and I would sit up late at night watching Austin City Limits on PBS just so we could get a glimpse of downtown Austin. Now we can see it anytime we want....

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  1. It is funny that I never saw the resemblance of Skye to Mom before, but after you mentioned it and the photo you posted of Skye, I do see it. A very strong resemblance.