Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend with Cousins

This past weekend my cousin Shannon, her husband Ted, and their three 3 year old daughter Emma came for a weekend visit. My cousin Shannon is only a couple of years older than my son Lucas and I really never "knew" her well until we moved to Texas. I really enjoy her company. She has a pleasant personality and I feel comfortable around her. Ted also has a pleasant, accommodating personality. And as much as I really don't like small children, Emma is not even that me anyway. I think she drives her mom and dad

Shannon reminds me of my brother Buddy in the fact that she makes sure that visiting and maintaining family relationships are high on her priority list. They are what I would call the "backbone" of family relationships. Without members like them extended family relationships would cease to exist.

In the three days they were here we spent most of our time hanging out at my house, eating out at some of my favorite local restaurants, and even took Skye and Emma to Crowe's Nest Farm's Family Fun Day.

It was a pleasant weekend.

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  1. Enjoying your posts - my city Adelaide is sister city to Austin Texas! They share many cultural, and business connections.
    Also enjoyed your post on the Wendt museum a while back - the Wendts left Germany to live in two places, Texas, and the Barossa Valley in South Australia where my Wendt ancestors lived.
    I enjoy reading about the places you've been.