Sunday, September 29, 2013


I saw something on the news the other day that was introduced as a positive story but I found it rather disturbing - and apparently I am the only one who did. Watch it here.

The story is about a couple in S. Carolina who hired a 22 year old female babysitter for their 7 month old son. After 5 months of this child being cared for by this babysitter the family dog began do snarl and growl at the sitter when she arrived. This alerted the parents there may be something amiss with the sitter and they put a recorder under the sofa to record the household happenings while in her care.

With their recording they uncovered the sitter's dirty little secret of cursing and slapping the child while he was whining.  I have no earthly idea why this surprises a parent when they find out about this sort of thing. Most of us as the flesh and blood of our 'little angels' lose it every so often (if we are honest about it) ourselves..some more extreme than others. Other than in rare cases there is nobody in this world that is going to treat and love your child like the little angel you believe they are.

Anyway, the story went on about how wonderful the dog (and pets in general) is that he had alerted the parents that something was amiss. All the responses were praising the pet for protecting the little boy from a potential threat therefore saving the child from a potential demise.

More than a couple of things bothered me about this whole story but here are my top two thoughts:

1. I'm pretty sure the dog was also getting his share of abuse - swatting with a broom, cursing at them with negative energy, or some other form of unloving reprimands. From my studies of dog behavior (and I've done plenty thanks to my nightmare rescue pet) I'm pretty sure the dog was concerned about numero uno. He was alerting the family that HE did not like the babysitter.

I must clarify I am a dog lover myself but I know that humans have a tendency to give our furry friends human characteristics. I notice it even more these days. It seems some very enthusiastic animal lovers are choosing animal/pet companionship over human connection. I will admit it's a lot easier to get along with most animals than it is humans, but is it not obvious that it's all part of our human emotional disconnect from each other?

Over the past couple of decades pets in our society are commonly taking the place of human relationships for more and more people. Heck, people will even allow their pets to sleep in their bed with them but the idea of allowing their child to curl up next to them in their bed and sleep is considered inappropriate.

It's nice to have a furry friend. I love mine very much, but he's a dog not a human. He deserves respect and love from his humans because he is a living being but he's not capable of being anything other than what he is...a dog. I'm not really sure who these people think are going to take care of them when they can no longer be the one doing the taking care. I can't envision Bo emptying my catheter bag or spoon feeding me while I'm on my death bed.

2. If this caregiver were in fact abusing the child I'm also pretty sure there should have been cues from the child. From my experience as a mother of two kids even very young ones have a way of letting us know of their likes and dislikes. Most likely the kid was giving the same cues the dog was but the parents ignored it or made excuses for his behavior by exclaiming he was cranky, teething, had separation anxiety or some other assumed reasoning????? Apparently they only paid attention when the dog was dissatisfied??

AND if you even remotely suspected that someone was abusing your kid what would make you leave them with them again??? What the fuck is wrong with people?

No wonder our nations children are running rampant and emotionally out of control.

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