Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bob Bullock

This week's weekly field trip was to the Bob Bullock Museum. It was too cold outside for any outdoor activities but I wanted us to get out and do SOMETHING.

The museum had and EXTREME MAMMALS exhibit and I thought it sounded interesting enough to keep us all intrigued...

The mop looking "teeth" on this whale wowed me.

I was pretty impressed with Skye's knowledge and familiarity with some of the creatures descriptions and special adaptations. Most of them I didn't even know myself. Apparently YouTube does a good job of being her "teacher".

Next, we looked around the rest of museum....

Skye wasn't real impressed when I was telling her this T.V. was like the one I used to have to watch when I was a kid. How we used to have to turn the knob and get up to change the channel, it was black and white and only had about 3 channel selections. Most likely how I felt about the stories my dad use to tell us about how far he had to walk to school as a kid.
It turned out to be a nice - and educational - family day.

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  1. What a great day out, as always it felt like I was therr too.

    Back on blog world myself :)