Friday, February 21, 2014

Secret Beach

With the weather considerably warmer I was itching for a hike. We decided to tote Bo along so I decided on a trail that was reasonably short and led down to the Colorado River. It was a warm day and Bo loves hanging out in the water.

Recently, I had heard that this particular area of the Colorado had been opened for tubing and swimming....and then closed again. I wasn't following the story too closely, so I'm not really sure of anything other than it was coined the name "Secret Beach". You can read more about it here.

Although there were 2 1/2 miles of trail we opted to first take the short path that led down to the river....

Once we got down to the river we recognized it as an area we had already been to a couple of years ago, only we had entered from another entrance.

The water was vert low, I'm sure sparred by our current drought conditions.....

Not sure if I would swim here. Looks like moccasin river to me.

Looks like someone made a recycled sit spot
We didn't walk far along the river, just enough for Bo to frolic a bit. Not realizing how warm the day would be I wore my jeans and was working up a sweat walking in the sand. I decided that I really didn't want to walk the trail path in the heat without my trusty tank top and shorts so we headed back home.

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