Sunday, July 27, 2014

Half a Century Birthday Week

On July 23 I reached my half a century mark. Out of all the milestone birthdays I think this is the one that impacted my thoughts the most. Maybe it's because I know that I'm on the downhill decline to now or never.

Lucas arrived last week so as usual we celebrated our birthdays - which are one day apart - together.

Our birthday celebratory drink in the pool
Lucas posing in the new outfit I bought him....

On the day of my birthday day I chose to do something outdoors. I have been wanting to go to Jacobs Well for awhile and thought Lucas may enjoy it also.

I should have known better. In the middle of Summer on a hot afternoon what better place for a bunch of teenagers and young people to hang out.

Jumping off the cliff into the well seemed to be the preferred way to enjoy the well

Lucas about to jump. Toby jumped too.
I couldn't even get any pictures of the actual well itself there were so many people down there. You also couldn't even swim in it because everybody was jumping...not swimming.

I thought Skye may a bit bored but she remarked she enjoyed sitting around watching an accident waiting to happen. I thought she was being sarcastic but I do think she was really enjoying "people watching".

On Thursday Lucas's girlfriend Emily arrived. She got our stamp of approval. They spent their last two days here lounging in the pool, drinking beer, eating, and hanging out.

On their way out to a night out on the town....

Emily is sweet with a great personality. She came bearing birthday gifts for me and Lucas....

Tequila shots. I didn't participate in the shooting games. I prefer to drink slow and steady.

I enjoyed having someone around who appreciated my hospitality and doting. Not that I don't think Toby and Skye appreciate me, they just are so used to it that it's no special treat for them.

I cant help feel a little sad that the one time of year that I look most forward to is come and gone. At least I have the memories.

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