Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Past Few Weeks....

The past few weeks have been filled with a little bit of this and that.

Skye and I went to Chilifest in Pflugerville. We had fun walking around checking out all the booths and eating samples of chili and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade...

We also took a weekend to support our local Crowe's Nest Farm. Each year the farm has a Family Fun Day fundraiser and we have supported them for the past 7 years. Skye even attended a camp there one year and loved it. The owners of the farm are very nice people and I love the fact they are an animal rescue farm.

The fall weather has been ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Most the time there hasn't been a cloud in the sky and the weather has been warm and dry during the day and cool and comfortable in the evenings.

Even the grasshoppers were enjoying one particular beautiful day. Grasshopper love perhaps???

All three of us have taken to sitting outside at night watching for shooting stars, the space station, satellites and any other sky anomaly.

As Skye gets older I'm really trying to relish the things she is still willing to enthusiastically do with us. From experience, I know that the days will become fewer and far between that she thinks it's cool to sit out with mom and dad and sky watch.

We also finally purchased Skye an IPhone. She has requested one for the past couple of years but I had never felt the cost was warranted until recently. It got old leaving my phone with her every time we went off solo or having her consume mine with countless apps.

I can never close a post without posting pictures of my fur baby....

I'm hoping for a fall camping trip soon. I'm having to work around avoiding a full moon so we can star gaze and making sure there isn't a burn band so we can have a warm, cozy fire.

Crossing my fingers it works out.

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