Saturday, January 2, 2016

Exiting 2015, Cheers!

Upon exiting the year 2015 I reflect back on the year.

It was not one of my favorite years and most likely one of the most challenging I can remember having in awhile. Yet, there was a little joy intertwined in my first world problems also.

One highlight of the year was Lucas's wedding. One regret I do have of our trip to Alabama is I wish it had been easier to navigate my personal activities while I was there. Unfortunately, I was having to work around everyones schedule but my own.

The other highlight was my brother and his wife's visit last summer. I really enjoyed their company and good memories were made.

As the Christmas season rolled around, I couldn't even muster enough spirit to put up a tree or decorate. This would be the first year that EVER happened. I felt a bit sad about it, but I still couldn't bring myself to fake my Christmas cheer. I wear my feeling on my sleeve.

I did manage to get a family pic of us. No tree in the back round like most family Christmas snapshots, but it sufficed for memories sake. I had to bribe Skye with a promise of a milkshake before she agreed to it....

After Christmas Lucas and Emily came for a short visit. I know I must be mentally out of it, because I realized after they left that I didn't take not one picture. Shame on me.

The visit was nice though. Lucas was too pooped to stay up and ring in the New Year with us, so I spent the evening chatting with Emily. She has such a personable and enjoyable personality and I really enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

I'm hoping for a less stressful 2016. Cheers!

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  1. I know what you mean about the lack of a Christmas spirit. No tree here either. First year without my Dad. Miss him a lot. Hope the new year brings joy to you!!