Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments

We all have embarrassing moments. Well, everyone except Toby who I've never even seen even look uncomfortable or slightly embarrassed, though he should have been a few times since I've known him.

A couple of years ago, I had this flashback embarrassing memory I would like to share.

A few years ago, a neighbor who lives down the street from us asked if I would feed his dog when he goes out of town.

I don't remember what breed of dog it was, but it was a HUGE breed. The dog was also very old and docile. Her name was Honey and she was easy to care for.

This man barely knew me other than simple greetings as I walked by his house every morning on my walk with Bo, so no, I didn't think it was odd (sarcastic) that he gave me a spare key to his family's home so I could come in and feed his dog twice a day. I presume he was either desperate, or instinctively knew I was trustworthy.

As payment, he would always leave a bottle of wine on the table for me.

Anyway, as I was walking Bo by his house on an afternoon just two days after I had spent a weekend feeding Honey, Ralph informed that he had to finally put Honey down.

I was caught off guard and immediately broke down into the ugly cry.  I usually have time to emotionally prepare for bad news. I'm very sensitive and even more so when animals are involved.

I think I caught Ralph a little off guard with my reaction also. He just stood there alongside his two tween boys staring at me blankly and uncomfortably.

I knew they were uncomfortable and I was beyond embarrassed of my loss of control over my emotions in front of a trio of "manly"men, so I quickly gathered myself as best I could, changed the subject and asked the tweens if they were going to be devils for Halloween. It was Halloween eve and they were holding what looked like devil pitchforks so I assumed they were trying their costumes out.

Ralph laughed and replied, "No we are about to go gigging." Okay, it was just time for me say my goodbye's and move on down the street.

Most embarrassing moment award.

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  1. I am sensitive, too and will cry easily, but I am 62 and I no longer care if my tears make others uncomfortable! Most of my close friends are my age and animal lovers, as well. When one of us loses a pet, we all cry together. I wonder about people who don't cry about losing a pet!