Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Uneventful Hike

A few months back I made a long list of hikes around Austin I wanted to eventually explore. Today, I decided we would start ticking some of them off.

I randomly chose Stephens Nature Preserve in Southwest Austin.

The trails butted up to a local park where we parked and from there we could see a few different entrances to the preserve. That should have been our first clue.

We chose and entrance and entered. We usually hike randomly anyway so it was no real biggie, but almost immediately we noticed there were numerous sub-trails branching off and there didn't really appear to be a main trail at all. It was like spider veins in a trail system.

We hiked blind for a bit before we came across a woman and her dog. I had read there were rock structures within the trails that were created by artistic hikers and I was curious to see them. I asked the dog lady which way to the structures and she pointed me in the direction.

Her directions really weren't much help because of the intricate splintering, so Toby and I just marched on using our best guess on which splinter trail to take.

Most of the trail was very mundane and uninteresting. No creeks or changing terrain. The majority of the trails looked like this......

We hiked around aimlessly for a couple of miles and eventually came upon this rock made heart. I thought maybe we were about to come upon the rock sculptures but alas this was the only one I saw....

We finally made it back to the car by sheer luck. I expressed to Toby I was a little disappointed we didn't find the rock sculptures and he said, 'We can come back again and try and find them'. I said, 'Nope, I've pretty much had all of this trail I want to see again'.

I think this trail has to win The Most Uninteresting Austin Trail award.

This morning on our walk with Bo I took this picture of the old abandoned house. It's a different vantage point than I usually take it....

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  1. I always wonder where different little roads go ...... one day I will find out!