Tuesday, February 23, 2016

R.V. Show

Mother Nature has decided to bless Central Texas with an early spring, so we have been experiencing temps in the 70's and 80's for the past two weeks.

In order to take advantage of the weather before the temps rise, Toby and took our first bike ride of the season on a portion of the new trail on Northern Walnut Creek.

I didn't take any pictures at all because (a.) There wasn't much to take pictures of but a bike trail meandering through wooded urban area (b.) I hate having to take pictures when I'm riding my bike. I have to keep my momentum up for the hills, so it has to be something really impressive for me to stop my flow.

It was a pretty short ride..only a few miles...because parts of the trail was still under construction and we couldn't pass.

On Thursday, we went to the Austin R.V. Show. Skye joined us, because she likes going downtown.

We went into many camper trailers and made decisions on what we liked and didn't like. Luckily, Toby and were in agreement on our individual expectations.

We found our favorite one. It would be one to actually live in and costs almost as much as my single family home.

I vacillate between my freedom of space and my freedom to roam the U.S. freely when it comes to actually living in a camper. I know it would be just me and Toby, but I crave my personal space and I'm not sure if I would not end up feeling like a rat in a cage.

Skye was feeling friendly and let me take a picture of her while we were out. One of the few I will have of her in her teen years, so I will savor it....

It was a fun, family day.

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  1. Isn't it amazing what they can fit into a small space? The idea of living in a small space doesn't bother me as much as not having dirt to seed!!