Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Family Playdate

This afternoon Skye suggested we go to the park and play some disc golf. It was humid as hell and there were a ton of gnats zooming around us - one which I believe is still lodged in my ear canal - but the sky was overcast so we were spared the scorching Texas sun's rays.

While Toby and Skye spent most of their time in the snake-ridden brush hunting their lost discs, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the wildflowers.

My phone is an older model and lately has not been giving me the quality pictures that it used to. Skye has suggested a few times that I get a DSLR camera. In the past, I had bucked the idea, but recently I've been entertaining the idea. I would have to do my research first though. I don't want more than I need and I know they can get bulky and expensive.

Here's a few faces of Bo I have captured recently also....

He resembles a dog porn star in these next two...

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  1. Love that face! He is quite content and you can tell he has a great life! I have some wildflowers in my gardens and I love the look, but they seem to be aggressively taking over, choking out some of my lilies and other smaller perennials.